Reveal Your Inner Hero For A Greater Harmony

By analogy with the twelve months in one year there are twelve archetypal heroes. The year can be divided in three sections: beginning (March 21 to July 21), culminating (July 21 to November 21) and changing (November 21 to March 21). Each of the three sections can then be divided in the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Three year sections times four elements equals the twelve heroes. The 12 heroes descriptions are designed in one single chart as follows.

Who is your inner hero and those of your loved ones? Super simple: (1) choose the image you like the most, (2) read the texts on its top and to its left and (3) those are your hero dominant traits. That’s all. Identify your hero inner patterns and conscious identity and may your hero guide you as a mirror. Better self-knowledge infers better life decisions, less suffering and greater self-confidence. Now, ask your loved ones, friends and colleagues to do the same simple exercise. You will then be able to observe any pair of heroes. How do they interrelate? Are they compatible? Can you see relationships improvements? Let’s forget divisions over things we have no control anyway and let’s choose love, harmony and wellbeing instead.

Serge Bernard

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