Twelve Facets  of Wellbeing and Harmony

This is a list of the 12 wellbeing facets affecting each of us. All those facets are important and become highlighted at different times of our lives.

  1. Self – Be yourself
  2. Body – Be healthy
  3. Mind – Be aware
  4. Heart – Be caring

  5. Money – Be inventive
  6. Work – Be proactive
  7. Love – Be attractive
  8. Sex – Be creative

  9. Spirit – Be intuitive
  10. Fame – Be perseverant
  11. Vision – Be tolerant
  12. Ideal – Be inspiring

This list is not an intellectual exercise but a tool for sharing among the group members. Just start by indicating the first facet number that comes to your mind in the comment box below. Then when someone else has the same number, you will be able to discuss your common topic together. You will feel better in finding that you are not alone. Be playful and start right now …

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