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      Welcome to the Harmony and Wellbeing Forum

      Dear friends of harmony and wellbeing, Welcome to this private forum, which functions as a club and that gives everyone the confidence that all members have been approved to participate. Everyone has the opportunity to launch new topics for discussion. Members should be more committed to communicating with each other than they would be when commenting on the public content of a position, page or article. The mission of this forum is to bring together those who are interested by harmony, wellbeing and freedom. How to do well in a world that doesn't? How to increase our awareness and change fear into security, anger into freedom, ignorance into knowledge, hate into love and darkness into light? We may not be consulted about the world affairs, but we have the ability to change our perception of ourselves, others and the world. Let's discuss freedom and security as well as knowledge and love. Let's discuss practical ways to develop our perception and awareness in handling the union of opposites. I remember those days when people had confidence in each others. A return to a more united and more humane world is possible today. May this forum be for likeminded people to meet, communicate and commit to harmony, wellbeing and freedom. You and your loved ones will gain and so will our world. In light and harmony, Serge Bernard
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    • 2 years, 10 months ago

      Serge Bernard

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