Dear friends,

I hope this welcome letter finds you in good shape. Here are a few introductory words about this website.

After retiring from the business world some twenty years ago, my plans were to learn new fields, transmit my knowledge and help others. Over the last years I wrote more than 1000 articles about our world and our lives. Thank you for your loyal readership. During that period I also developed an innovative psychological method that allows emotions repressed in the unconscious to be brought to consciousness. This new approach would help many people to gain better wellbeing and greater self-confidence.

A few months ago, after concluding that writing about world affairs was no longer my time best use, I decided to stop it. Some of you were wondering what had happened to their weekly newsletters. Nothing personal, I was just taking the time to reevaluate my priorities and create this website to reflect my new direction. Helping more people in today’s challenging world came naturally to fill the recently released time.

Whether about self-knowledge, couples and relationships or work changes issues, my psychological experience would take me from part-time help to full-time. My innovative astro-psycholocal method consists in translating a client birth sky into easily understandable illustrations. Very rich in symbols and archetypes, those images will give instant access to the client unconscious, thus increasing effectively self-knowledge and leading to better life decisions.

Our world is in permanent evolution and it is changing fast. Yesterday is about to disappear forever and tomorrow is not there yet. Whether we like it or not, we all have to adapt to today’s world transition. As everybody fears the unknown, postponing changes is a natural defense reaction. As world transitions are happening anyway, deferring our awareness will only increase our pain later. Might as well start to adapt right now and go with the flow one day at the time. In order to provide greater well-being to people in their life transition, I am offering different services described in this website. Some services are free and others are not. Check them out.


Wishing you to gain greater awareness of your inner freedom.

Life is not about waiting the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. – Anonymous

In light and harmony,


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