Pricing Plans



A luxury 30-page pdf book about you



A 15-minute session on Skype



A 60-minute session on Skype or in person


ASTRO-SELFIE + 15-MINUTE MINI-CONSULTATION – 30-page about you + 15-minute Skype session

SAVE $10

ASTRO-SELFIE + 75-MINUTE EXTENDED CONSULTATION – With Serge Bernard by Skype or in person

SAVE $20

ASTRO-SELFIE + SEVEN WEEKLY CONSULTATIONS – 1st session=75 minutes + others=6×60 minutes

SAVE $110

Questions & Concerns

Is astro-psychology right for me?

Astro-psychology is right for anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their life by taking responsibility, creating greater self-awareness, and working towards change in their lives. An astro-psychologist will help you provide insight, support and new strategies for all types of life transition challenges as well as personal exploration and growth.

What can I expect in an astro-psychology session?

Every astro-psychology session is unique and caters to each individual and their specific goals. During sessions it is standard to talk about issues and concerns in your life. The more you talk, the better I can help you. One session will help you in focusing on a specific issue, but it is common to schedule a series of weekly sessions to address more complex issues or ongoing personal growth.

What benefits can I expect from working with an astro-psychologist?

Astro-psychology can provide insight and new perspectives into life’s challenges and can help create solutions to difficult problems. Many people find that it can enhance personal development, improve relationships and family dynamics, and can ease the challenges of daily life. Overall, astro-psychology helps people to have lower levels of anxiety and stress, decreased conflict, and improved quality of life.

How do I know if there is a progress?

You are having a life issue or seeking personal growth. Based on their motivations, most people see improvements after one or a few sessions. Others may be experiencing the fear of change, which then becomes the first issue to deal with. For those persons, progress will only start to become visible after the resistance to change is unblocked, which usually will take a series of weekly sessions.

What happens at the Platinum Package pre-paid end?

When your pre-paid package ends, you will have the option to extend our work together at the special discounted rate of $90 per session without any schedule or duration requirements. You will have the option to terminate our work at any time and would you decide to restart, the special rate will remain in effect for 12 months after termination.

Can I cancel the Platinum Package if I do not like the work?

Yes you can, but I would suggest that you make that decision only for budget reasons. Sometimes, it may be difficult to overcome the resistance to change and it is not advisable to give up in the middle of the road. Cancelation of the pre-paid package before its end will result in a termination penalty equal to the package discount of $110. The balance, if any, could be used as a store credit

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