Your inner life is like a theater play. Revealing its script is key to greater self-knowledge, which will expand your self-esteem as well as your self-confidence, and finally help you make better life decisions. Astro-psychology will help you gaining access to all inner actors  of your unconscious 3-act play.

Act 1: At birth we receive a genetic physical and a psychological DNA. Together they define a core existential issue that will mark our entire life.
Act 2: As we grow we gain experience and judgement. Together they define our conscious way of living that is marking our everyday life existence.
Act 3: As we mature we are developing wisdom and awareness. Together they define the resolution of our life issue handed over in Act 1.

A playful game to visualize our theater play and actors is needed. This is where an easy to understand deck of cards consisting of 12 archetypal images (12 heroes) and 66 symbolical images (12 heroes possible pairs) comes in. Those astro-psychological cards are translators of natal charts (glyphs, circles, lines, numbers) abstract by nature into powerful symbolic images. They will help anyone without any prior knowledge gaining access to their inner life. Each card design always includes people, which makes it very easy to relate to. Moreover, the characters are dressed in costumes from out of our time and space, which induce automatic analogies and remembrances. Astro-psychology will transform your life forever.

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