As an astro-psychologist, I helped countless patients resolving personal and relational issues, making better life decisions as well as finding the meaning of their lives. I also used that experience to develop a revolutionary approach combining the ancient practice of astrology with modern psychological constructs. To help bringing unconscious issues to consciousness, I am using a deck of cards consisting of 12 archetypal images (12 heroes) and 66 symbolical images (12 heroes possible pairs).

With 12 different scenes, 12 key characters and 66 relations among them, the script of your theater play is unique to you. No two persons have the same. Bringing your characters dark, hidden or repressed sides to light will help addressing your relationship, financial or wellness life issues. It will also help you seeking the meaning of your life. As you will reach new level of consciousness, psychological blocks will dissolve by themselves and release new vital energy. Your life will never be the same again.


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