Astro-psychology is a GPS for your soul. Number of past clients were happy to uncover sides of themselves they had never heard before. As it leads to greater self-esteem, self-confidence and better life decisions, self-knowledge is the most precious gift of your life. Using original practical solution-centered techniques, I take the commitment to assist you with any life challenge you may be experiencing. Wherever you are, I will help you achieve your life expectations with compassion and intellect. With today’s easy options online such as Skype, we will work together to seek your true identity.

My life missions are to help others and transmit my experience. Whatever the task, I will bring my whole self to it, with passion, dedication and commitment. I have a unique view of life meaning utilizing archetypal images of the past to advocate for a hopeful future. Expand your wellbeing and when scheduling a one-on-one private Astro-psychology consultation with Serge Bernard, please indicate your birth day, place and time.

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