Conversion To a New Professional Activity

Whether by choice or not, you may have to reinvent yourself in today’s new business world. I will assist you to cope with the transition.

Today’s professional world is constantly changing and it is changing fast. Technology is affecting all jobs and business opportunities. Everyone is concerned and preparing oneself for a professional change is a must. It is key that your new activity matches your special personality, your unique skills and your deep motivations. Whether you have a vague idea of your future or a new project ready to be launched, I will assist you in matching your potential options with your personal abilities.

The starting points are (1) gaining the awareness of who you are and (2) imagining yourself in the future. In order to overcome the transition challenges, your new activity has to be exciting and pleasurable. This is where astro-psychology images of your unconscious will come into play. Observing memories of your past will open your head and heart to visions of your future. Bringing your repressed expectations to consciousness will allow your actual potentials to finally be acknowledged and implemented. My role is to guide you on your true golden path.


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