Coping With Insecurity, Worries & Fear

How to cope with the worry and fear nagging feeling, that causes an inadequate functioning in your love, work and social life.

You may feel like you are obsessed with worry or fear, and wonder from where this unusual felling is coming from. Is it originating from today’s world uncertainties or a confrontation with someone or an inner feeling of emptiness. In any case, the answer starts with looking in yourself. I will help you answer whether the danger you are fearing is real or psychological and how to deal with it in both cases.

If real, then we will look together about how to address the outer threat: confrontation, avoidance or protection? If psychological, then we will look on how to understand your inner threat and prioritize actual dangers over perceived ones. I will help you to decrease the waste of time with problems that only exist in your head. I will orient you to become aware that you are not disturbed by external things but by your own judgment of them. The resolution will result from observing the fear without judgment until it will automatically dissolve by itself.

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