Images rich in symbols and archetypes are astro-psychology cornerstone. Below is an outline of the 12 harmony facets affecting our wellbeing. All those facets are important and become highlighted at different times of our lives. To each of those 12 facets corresponds an archetypal image. Together we will use that image as a mirror of your unconscious.

This list is not an intellectual exercise but a tool for mirroring your true self. Just start by indicating the first facet number that comes to your mind and we will discuss related objective and personal topics in a calm mode. Together we will reconcile the facet, its corresponding image and how to address your issue at stake.

  1. Persona – Be yourself
  2. Body – Be healthy
  3. Mind – Be aware
  4. Heart – Be caring

  5. Money – Be inventive
  6. Work – Be proactive
  7. Love – Be attractive
  8. Sex – Be creative

  9. Spirit – Be intuitive
  10. Fame – Be perseverant
  11. Vision – Be tolerant
  12. Ideal – Be inspiring

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