Based on symbolic and archetypal cards, astro-psychology is a combination of celestial data and psychological identity, that is much more powerful than the sum of its parts. Compared to traditional astrology and psychology, astro-psychology offers additional benefits for client such as (1) an amazing visual experience of one’s birth sky, without any prior technical knowledge, (2) the cards, rich in symbols and archetypes, are selected by the client birth sky, and (3) the cards interpretation becomes an ongoing easy exchange between the client, her/his natal sky and the astro-psychologist.

One image is worth a thousand words, says a Chinese proverb. The deck of cards consists of 12 archetypal images (12 heroes) and 66 symbolical images (12 heroes possible pairs). In an astrological consultation, the astrologer speaks and the client listens. In a psychological consultation, the client speaks and the psychologist listens. In an astro-psychological consultation, there is a dialog where both are speaking and listening to the cards messages which act as mirrors of the client’s unconscious. This cutting-edge method is bringing effective results faster than by any traditional approach.

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