Marriage & Family Psychology

Consultations about an interpersonal family system may be attended by one, some or even better all the concerned members.

Tense or even abusive conflicts among family members are always painful. Usually, even when becoming aware of the relations toxicity and understanding the need for improvement, persons in the family system don’t want anything to change. That resistance for keeping the status quo is known by psychologists as an homeostasis phenomenon. Someone in the system has to initiate the healing process. The more family members are involved, the more effective the resolution will be.

Thanks to its symbolically rich images, astro-psychology offers a new tool to marriage and family psychology. Each of the willing family members will receive a one-on-one sessions and be labeled with one of the 12 archetypal heroes. After listening each participants story, there would be sessions in pairs and later even more if possible. By giving connections between images instead of persons, this new method would bring a more playful tone and help de-dramatizing some of the tensions and conflicts. Experience shows that after listening to each thoughts and feelings, healing perceptions will be at the center towards the family system new harmony and wellbeing.

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