One-on-one Consultations

Whether about personal or work relationships, meaning of life or any other concerns, our main consultation goal is your wellbeing.

Together, we will work towards a more fulfilling life in a 3-step process. First, we will discuss your concern perception and how to address its improvement. Next with our unique astro-psychological method, we will bring your hidden, forgotten or repressed memories back to your consciousness. Finally, we will explore how your unconscious revelations will lead to better self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence, which in turn will help you making better life decisions.

To bring the unconscious back to consciousness, psychologists are using different tools, mainly talking therapy, dream analysis and art therapy. As an astro-psychologist, I added a set of projective images based on the client birth sky. In this innovative approach those symbolically rich images serve as the client instant unconscious mirrors, no preliminary knowledge needed. In traditional psychotherapy sessions, the client speaks and the therapist listens. In traditional astrology sessions, the astrologer speaks and the client listens. In astro-psychology sessions, both the client and the astro-psychologist speak about the client unconscious and listen. This approach main benefits are greater effectiveness and faster speed to results.

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