Archetypal images are the cornerstone of the astro-psychology method and the client inner theater script illustrations. With separations and divorces the play enters a stressful turning point. A divorce is always a major loss and both need to reinvent themselves. Usually, one is ready for the change and the other is not. There are emotional and practical issues to resolve about each partner lives, children custody / visitation and assets splits.

Passions in couples come and go in cycles. I will help you finding out if your couple crisis is temporary or will lead to a separation or even a divorce. I will bring you my experience in divorces as a court designated children custody mediator. While attorneys or mediators will address material questions, I will help you coping with emotional and practical issues. A divorce is one of the most stressful experience in one’s life and I will assist you to gain the positive side about the valuable life lessons and your personal growth.


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