Stress & Control Loss Management

Whether by loss such as work, family member, loved one or by fear such as exams, moving, threat, I will assist you with your stress management.

Whether self-inflicted or imposed by others, being under stress is a painful but manageable life transition. Management becomes more complicated when we are not in control of the outcome. You may be too close to the stressful issues and not even know where to start to address its management. This is where astro-psychology can help, whether you are in control of the issue at stake or not.

Together we will explore the stress causes as well as your perception. Does the stress originate from a real or psychological danger? What are your unconscious reactions when facing obstacles in general or when in a state of fear in particular? How to get out of the obsessive cycle of negative feelings? The key to wellness requires to bring unconscious secrets back to consciousness without adding more stress. The healing approach has to be light and playful and this is where astro-psychology is coming in. Images based on your birth sky will mirror hidden unconscious memories back to your consciousness. Those images, very rich symbolically and instantly recognizable, will act as positive rituals away from negative feelings. This unique approach main benefits are effectiveness and improvement speed.

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