7 Practical Ways To Improve Your Life Today

Hope, freedom and you in today’s world

With the socio-political tables being turned upside down everywhere, new opportunities are arising. As you will have to adapt anyway to the changes, might as well seize the chance to start improving your life right now. There will not be a better time to take advantage of the ongoing major transformations. Hope and freedom are the two indispensable strengths to long to. Hope is your feeling of trust in the future. Freedom is your ability to make decisions about yourself without having to ask anyone’s permission. Hope and freedom are subjective feelings inside of you, not outside. Nobody but yourself can induce such feelings. Gaining actively a greater awareness of your inner strengths is the key for a more sustainable transition and a more gratifying life. Now is the time to act to live in tune with your sense of humanism, justice and harmony. It starts by tuning in with your own inner awareness for hope and freedom on your journey to wellbeing.

Seize the opportunity to improve your life now

Beyond financial independence and individual autonomy, existential security and freedom are our two major life concerns. Ideally our existence should be like a house protected by a mountain in the back (earth = security) and facing open space in the front (sky = freedom). In today’s Western culture, most people’s lives are revolving around material comfort while at the same time denying freedom losses. Seeking inner security and freedom have become our most urgent challenge today. Unlike outer possessions, our inner wealth becomes ours forever and nobody will ever erode, tax or despoil it. Start right now to gain a greater awakening to your awareness.

7 simple and practical ways to start improving your life right now

(1) unplug your TV
(2) live a healthy life
(3) cultivate your passions
(4) bring back life memories
(5) keep a book of your dreams
(6) take some walks in the forest
(7) surround yourself with inspiring people

Creating your inner strengths is all about bringing some hidden parts of your unconscious to your consciousness. This require a disciplined effort, but it will assuage unbearable transitional pain later. There are no shortcuts and no time left for procrastination. Remember, hope and freedom are inside of you. Only after consolidating your inner strengths will you be ready for your outer actions. Start your consciousness awakening journey now. Becoming actively involved inside and later outside will result in a better life for you, your loved ones and your community.

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