Determinism, Free-will And Astro-psychology

How much free-will do you believe is in your control?

100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% ? Free-will, determinism or both? This eternal question has had as many opinions as philosophers. If there was a definitive answer, we would know it by now. While on one end modern neuro-scientists think that we have 0% free-will, on the other end some thinkers believe that we bear 100% of our actions responsibility. Most of us have opinions somewhere in the spectrum between those two opposites. What looks like a simple duality is in fact a complicated issue as it raises many sub-questions. How influent on our free-will are factors such as nature, nurture, culture as well as unconscious thoughts, random events, medias propaganda, etc…? Is our free-will potential evolving with age? What roles are our head, heart and soul playing in our decisions process? Is free-will the result of a conscious choice or an illusion? The internet covers number aspects of the philosophic debate about free-will and determinism.

When does life start?

Reincarnation believers think that our life already existed in another incarnated form before our conception. Traditional Christians believed that life starts at birth and modern “pro-life” Christians believe it starts at conception. Some like to make fun of the issue by stating that life really starts when kids are graduating in college!! Each of us have an opinion about the beginning of life. Personally, I believe that before our parents ever knew of each other, there was a soul that made them meet to be incarnated. I have not formed an opinion yet as to whether that soul was previously incarnated or not.

What is our heritage at birth?

Well, on one hand we receive a body to which is attach a physical DNA and upon which we have zero conscious control. While our DNA will remain the same over our life, our body appearance will change. Pictures of our appearance made for each moment of our entire life are not random. A photo made at our birth is our physical life movie first image. On another hand, I believe that with our birth we are also receiving a personality to which is attached a psychological DNA and upon which we also have zero conscious control. Like our body, our personality will be transformed over our life but our psychological DNA will not. Our personality narrative at birth is the first page of our psychological life book. The birth sky interpretation is nothing else than that natal personality narrative.

Amazing revelations about body, personality and soul

Modern research shows that there is a correlation between the 64 protein codons of the physical DNA and the 64 hexagrams of the “I Ching”, the Chinese book of changes written 5000 years ago. Used as an oracle covering all life circumstances, the I Ching is also a remarkable psychological tool. In a nutshell, we can say that there is a template of our physical body (the DNA 64 codons) which matches a template of our psychological personality (the I Ching 64 hexagrams). If we define the soul as the subtle energy flowing between our body and our personality, including both of them, then in theory we could conceive a resulting 64-factor template that would be nothing else than our soul mathematical equation. This is the soul we inherited at birth, the same soul that made our parents meet to be incarnated and upon which we have zero conscious control. As a practical result don’t blame your father or your mother for anything, as its origin belongs to your own soul that existed before you even were a spark of love between your parent’s eyes.

Zero conscious control at birth. How much free-will after?

So a baby is born, made its first breath and inherited body, personality and soul. Is this newborn’s entire life already scripted? Based on religion dogmas or not, fatalists would say 100% yes. If this opinion is correct, then anyone could commit any immoral, illegal or unethical action without individual consequence. The apocalypse wouldn’t be far away. Freud coined the word “superego” to evoke our individual internal restrain. We have options about choosing one specific action among multiple possibilities. Fatalists believe that even that choice is scripted. My belief is that our conscience will influence selected decisions, which raises another question. Is our conscience at the service of our ego-consciousness or our “personal unconscious”, a term coined by Jung? My answer is that the ego is an illusionist and the free-will decider is the personal unconscious.

My opinion about free-will and determinism

At birth we inherit some determined cards to play the game of life. With a lucky personal unconscious, a player could expect a luckier life. Our ego may ruse to make us believe that it is the conscious free-will decision maker, but it is an illusion as our choices are formed at the level of our personal unconscious. As an illustrated analogy, we can say that we are born in a train that is about to leave the station at the moment of our first breath. We had no conscious control over either the critical station or the train selection which will mark our entire life. That’s the determinism part. Within the moving train, our personal unconscious will decide of all life actions. That’s the free-will part. All along, from birth to death, our ego will fool our conscience by pretending to be our life protector and the decider. On a practical note, let’s be aware that it is better to listen to our instincts than to our own ego ruses. Resulting actions may sometimes be the same, but we will always enjoy the good feeling of being on the meaning of our life golden path.

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