Prosperity 2018

Reviving the Sacred Goddess Power
and Restoring Prosperity For All

Dear friends,

Each year towards the end of December, we present our best wishes of peace and prosperity for the coming year. This ritual good side is to send our loving thoughts to all those closest to us. However, during the last years, these good wishes have not  been followed up. With more pollution, more division and more destruction, the year is ending in a worse shape than it began. Actions are needed today to ensure that this will never happen again.

Today’s passivity is no longer appropriate. For many years I have been wondering about the future of the human race. How to save our world that became so dangerously crazy? Over the centuries the male sacred power has lost its soul and is now relegated to the sole power of money. We can expect that the masculine ego will fight with all its strength against any reduction of its power.

The recent unveiling of the innumerable cases of sexual abuses by men in power is giving women a new voice. The disclosure of these taboo subjects gives me new hope. Only real questions can bring real answers and real collective awareness of needed changes. Predators are sick people in a state of denial. It is absurd to hope that remedies for the disease would come from those who are causing them.

The return to sustainable abundance for all can only originate from women, who have tolerated for too long the abuse of the masculine power. The solution is not to replace the patriarchal power with matriarchal power, but by a combination of both in mutual respect.

Here is my 3-step approach to prosperity of all for 2018.

(1) Understand the yin-yang collective unconscious of the past.
During ancient Egypt, a woman was the sacred equal of man.
(2) Identify the factors of conscious harmony and prosperity.
To define a more united, just and humane future model for all.
(3) Plan practical actions for the collective consciousness changes.
How to reconcile the sacred goddess with the divine male?

I’m currently preparing workshops to happen for the month of January. We all have a role to play. Passivity is no longer an option. I count on each of you to contribute to the prosperity of all. Click here to be informed about future public or online meeting dates.

Please spread the good word. Thank you.

May 2018 bring us light, harmony and prosperity,


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