Reveal Your Inner Theater Play

Your inner life is like a 3-act theater  play

Act 1: At birth  we receive a genetic physical and a psychological DNA. Together they define  a  core existential issue that will  mark our entire life.
Act 2: As we grow we gain experience and judgement. Together they define  our conscious way of living  that is marking our everyday life existence.
Act 3: As we mature we are developing wisdom and awareness. Together they define the  resolution of our  life issue handed over in Act 1.

Astro-psychology will  transform  your life forever

The cards will help  anyone without any prior knowledge gaining access to their inner life. Each card design always includes people, which makes them very easy to relate to. Moreover, the characters are dressed in costumes from out of our time and space, which induce instant analogies and remembrances.  While a combination of astrology and psychology, astro-psychology is more powerful than the sum of its parts. The cards add  an amazing visual experience making their interpretation an ongoing easy exchange  between the client and the astro-psychologist. Self-knowledge is the most precious gift of your life and astro-psychology acts as a GPS for your soul.

Bring unconscious issues to your consciousness

With 12 different  scenes, 12 key characters and  66  relations  among them, the script of your  theater play is unique to you. No two persons have the same. Bringing your characters dark,  hidden or repressed sides  to light will help addressing your relationship, financial or wellness  life issues. It will also help you seeking  the  meaning of your  life. As you will  reach new level of consciousness, psychological blocks will dissolve by themselves and release new vital energy. My mission is to assist you towards the life  harmony and wellbeing you deserve. Your life will never be the same again.

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