Shinrin-yoku – A Japanese Wellbeing And Longevity Secret

Shinrin-yoku is a secret to live a calmer and longer life

Here is a simple suggestion coming from Japan that can compensate for an urban and technology lifestyle. Japanese words “Shinrin-yoku” have no translation in other languages, but means something like “Forest bathing” or “Forest therapy” or simply “Going for an inspired stroll in the forest”. Leaving the daily tension behind, relaxing in connection with nature and breathing the healing forest air will change your life forever. People do walk in the forest occasionally but adding a greater awareness will bring it to a new level. Harmony will replace stress in your daily life, you will feel completely refreshed and live longer. It works for everybody, regardless of age or physical strength. Walking in the forest  is free and as nobody can make money with Shinrin-yoku, we never heard of it. All it takes is a motivation. Excuses are out. Harmony is in. Decide now and plan your next stroll in the forest, just for the health of it …

The Shinrin-yoku experience

Get ready to spend a rejuvenating one to three-hour leisure walk, on a less than one-mile easy trail inside the forest. Just the opposite of any strenuous exercise, you will walk at your own slow pace. Awaken your senses to the surrounding nature. Watch the trees different shapes and colors, listen to nature sounds and breath that healing atmosphere. Trees are links between the earth and the sky, and so are we. On the practical side, bring a bottle of water, a snack and dress comfortably. Being inside the forest is all it takes. You will enjoy the easy path to wellbeing with instant feelings of a calmed and revitalized energy.

The Shinrin-yoku benefits

Developed during the 1980’s, Shirin-yoku has become a key practice in alternative Japanese preventive and restorative medicine. Abundant research were developed about Shinrin-yoku. Just by being in wild nature, scientifically-proven physical and mental benefits include (1) boosting the immune system with an increase of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells needed to fight cancer, (2) reduced blood pressure, (3) reduced stress, (4) improved mood, (5) increased ability to focus, (6) accelerated recovery from surgery or illness, (7) increased energy level and (8) improved sleep. With practice, benefits would add (9) deeper and clearer intuition, (10) increased flow of energy, (11) increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species, (12) increased flow of eros/life force, (13) deepening of friendships and (14) overall increase in sense of happiness.

Experience the forest with awareness, intuition and inspiration. Your life will be transformed forever. Shinrin-yoku practice is one harmony and wellbeing pillar that we recommend to everybody wherever they are.

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