The Fear of Change In Our Life

Every person is torn between two needs. (1) The need of the Pirogue, which symbolizes the travel, the tearing from one’s inner self and (2) the need of the Tree, which is that of the roots, of the identity. Thus people are constantly wandering between these two needs, yielding sometimes to one and sometimes to the other … until they understand that it is with the Tree that one produces the Pirogue.

– Melanesian myth from the island of Vanuatu

We know it will improve our life but we still fear change

With change comes an exciting adventure full of amazing discoveries, but it also comes with giving up some real security in exchange for some real freedom. With change comes the fear of the new, the fear of the unknown. Do we fear the lack of understanding of our loved ones? Do we fear the serious efforts to overcome the challenges ahead? Do we fear to fail or paradoxically to succeed? The first question we need to ask ourselves is whether the anticipated dangers are real or only in our head.

Yes, it is possible to overcome the fear of change

It all starts with self-knowledge. There are likely more fears than one in your head and you need to identify them. Next you will observe those fears one by one without judgment until they will dissolve by themselves. Start at your own pace. The difficult part is the “without judgment” and you will have to repeat the observations as many times as it takes until dissolutions. You will know when it happens. Reversing deep emotions rarely happens instantly. You will have to resist the temptation to procrastinate the status quo. It may take a while but never give up. The reward of a more exciting life is well worth the effort of perseverance.

Find inspiration by others who took a dive in the unknown

Did you or someone you know experienced an inspiring life change story? Please share it in the comments below. Tell us their before and after, as well as their transition. Is there a past or present public figure who is inspiring you? Who is your hero? Are you on the diving board looking more to the ladder than to the water? The more you hear from others fears, the more you will understand your own. Please share as much as you can about yours and others life changes. Helping others will help yourself. This site has a blog, but it also has a forum. Start below and you will meet like-minded people. Sticking together may change your life forever. To launch the sharing process, I will start with my own life change story.

My own existential life change

The transitional period was from 1993 to 1996, with 1995 the turning point. In 1993, while still active in a real estate business in Florida, I enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California to pursue my lifetime passion in psychology. Besides its academic curriculum, Pacifica program was based on art, literature and mythology, as well as abundant live psychological assignments. Their program required 1000+ hours of internships, 100+ hours of personal therapy as well as the production of one work of art every quarter. In 1993 and 1994, I traveled back and forth between Florida and California. Needless to say that my life had become an endless to do list. In 1995, I terminated my real estate career and moved to California. In 1996, I graduated with a Master degree in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Depth Psychology.

Up to 1993, my life was material as a businessman and a father. After 1996, my life became nonmaterial as an artist, a writer and a feng shui practitioner. Pacifica opened new horizons for me and my personal therapy revealed unknown sides of myself. My life would be changed forever. All along I kept expanding on my lifetime passion in psychology and astrology, designing a new psychological method to access a person unconscious using astro-psychological images. Sure enough, I went through stressful moments but the freedom light was priceless. I define freedom as the ability to do what is best for oneself without having to ask permission from anybody.  Sure enough, I traded some material security for existential freedom, but am feeling very privileged to enjoy that inner treasure.

I wish you to awaken to your inner wellness.

In light and harmony,

Serge Bernard


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